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Windows version has started to default to Shuffle every time I boot the PC. I'm a premium user


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Hey @daylef


Is Spotify still enabling shuffle mode when you exit Spotify before you restart your PC?


Let me know 🙂


Hi. Thanks for responding. I've tried shutting down Spotify and restarting which brings it back to how I left it. I think what may be happening is I listen to my phone in shuffle when away or driving but I pick my tracks on the desk top when I'm in my office. For some rediculous reason the desk top changes to shuffle when I listen on my phone. I should also add that the phone app (android) never lets me continue after it goes to sleep and takes a good couple of minutes to start up which requires me to tap Shuffle. Very irritating. 

Hey @daylef


Spotify synchronizes playback across devices, so when you turn on shuffle, queue something or do something else on mobile, these changes appear in the desktop client too.


However, it sounds like your mobile app would need a refresh - try reinstalling your mobile app by following this article as a guide.


Let me know how you get on 🙂

Just tried it and yes it does. Just another **bleep** idea from Spotify I guess. I wish they would stop trying to "improve" it.


Yes I tried reinstalling but doesn't improve it. The phone is a Samsung G S8 which does some odd things that my old S5 didn't do so far as Spoitify is concerned. 

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