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Default playlist naming while dragging into folder

Default playlist naming while dragging into folder






Operating System

Windows 10

Spotify Version


My Question or Issue

I usually create playlist by dragging an opened album title into the existing playlist folder on the left column. It was creating automaticly a playlist in this folder named by the scheme 'Artist - Album Title'. But for some time (2-3 months maybe) the scheme changed for 'Album Title - Artist). This is very annoing, because I can't find a playlist by the artist what is naturally easier. Especialy if the album title is long I can't even see the artist name.


Adding the same album to the same playlist folder by right clicking on the opened album title and choosing Add to Playlist save the playlist name with the scheme 'Artist - Album Title' but this way of adding playlist is very inconvenient and not as fast as the first way.


Can I change settings for deault playlist naming for 'Artist- Album Title' for both ways of adding a new album playlist??? What was the reason for giving two different schemes anyway?

3 Replies

Hey @mickael1,


We recently changed the order as part of improving the overall Spotify experience. If this is something you want changed, you can add an idea here and other people can contribute to the discussion. 


Let us know if there's anything else. 

Hey Jemi,
thank you for your answer I really appreciate it.

I can hardly understand how setting two different (opposed) naming schemes for creating playlists can be described as 'improving' ? Shouldn't it be unified?

I know how it works to add an idea discussion to change something in Spotify. I'm observing a discussion about bringing back notification bell from the app (web and desktop) from two years now, a lot of people want it back and you do nothing.

I'm curious if there was a topic for discussion where people wanted so much to change the default playlist naming scheme or you just decided by your own?

Why not to give people choice in the settings for the playlist naming scheme? This would be really 'improving'.

Sorry for my irritation but I'm using Spotify from 3 years now and I have the feeling that you always take something away from the app that was well working for everyone and no one asked you about it.

Hey again @mickael11,


We understand what you mean. We can assure you that we always take users' opinions into consideration when making changes, and if a feature isn't available now, it might be in the future. Adding votes to ideas helps us recognize user experience along with other means. 


Hope this explains things 🙂



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