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Delete radio station


Delete radio station


I accidentally added a radio station for someone I really didn't want to but can't find a way to delete them from my list

Can anyone please help and tell me how to?
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 like a smart move to cancel too, seeing as this is the level of customer service expected.  This guy in another post regardin viruses write in reply to concern spotify is infecting computers...  nice to now tyou only need to by a software engineer to resove problems with this service


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Re: Spotify Ads infected by viruses?

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And in the meantime, modify your host file as I suggested on the previous page [assuming you read other posts before starting to rant].  This will block them before they even hit your AV software.  Yes, its a problem that shouldn't happen but come on guys, its a group effort here.  I figured it out and I'm an old fart.


In the time you spend writing a gripe post in the forum you could have your hosts file editted.


@Rorey wrote:

Hello folks. Spotify here. We thought we'd give you another update to let you know that we're looking into this with our ad operations team. We haven't been able to replicate this but rest assured we're still investigating. We'll be back shortly with an update. 

A software engineer?  To edit a hosts file?  Seriously?  My kids can do it.  I even posted instructions on how to do it in my original post.


WOW.  Unbelievable.

I was glad to see so many users with this concern. I was going crazy trying to find a way to delete these "Uncreated" stations Surprised the delete button does not exist.. I agree that creating 20 new ones just to push out 2 or 3 unwanted ones is not worth it. As this moves up the list in Top ideas for Spotify, maybe someday we will have our delete button - or have created 20 new stations by then.

@spyrelx wrote:

I share the flabergasted annoyance of the dozens of other people who have commented on this.


Also, and with all due respect to the complexity that perhaps exists in addressing this, to suggest that one can somehow solve the inherent annoyance of the problem by simply adding more stations and thereby "pushing" the others off the list misses the issue completely.  


First off, I don't want to create 20 stations to delete the inadvertent ones created by bad design.  I also assume stations will be "pushed off" in the order they were created.  So if I've got 3 stations I want to keep and then inadvertently create a bad one, I'll have to push off my 3 desired stations before I can knock off the bad one.  


Keep adding your support to this idea.

Are you serious? Push the station off by adding 20 others? THAT is not an acceptable answer. Go back to the table and come up with something better. What I've already added stations I want to keep, BEFORE I added the bad one? Now I have to push those off, just to get to the bad? Just might cancel my membership before it even gets officially started if this is the kind of response we get to issues.

Marked as solution

It's a free world and everyone is entitled to voice their opinion. For the official answer on this topic, check out Spotify's response to this idea and add your support there which will have more impact than complaining in this thread.

I am in my free 30-day trial, and my kids would love to keep this service. However, I accidentally added Death Metal to the radio list and cannot delete it. I do not want my children to have access to these songs, and I will probably quit the service completely. 😞

Someone had mentioned an official request previously, but I couldn't find it until you posted the direct link the other day. Thank you for providing it!

You most definitely want to stay away from Black Metal too, then. We've all got our tastes, but holy hell! It's definitely a special sound. 😉



I just signed up last night, so I've been working with my Spotify install / self tutorial for less than 24 hours.


As soon as my desktop program was installed, a radio station was somehow populated for me.  No biggie.  I'll figure out how to delete it.


Here I am 12 hours later and I finally stumble upon this thread.  I was excited to potentially find the post in here that had the solution.  Not only is there no solution (unless I'm missing something) but this thread was opened in March.  It's August.


I don't want my first day and my first post to make it look like I'm already complaining.  I actually had high hopes and still do for Spotify's potential.  So I'll remain cool, keep an eye on this thread and maybe as time goes by I won't feel like such an idiot for experiencing the same other issues you all are having within the last 12 hours.


I'm too new to offer a solution but I kind of feel like I'm actually paying someone to be a beta tester.


I hope that feeling goes away.  I really want this to work so I guess I'll stay on the bull for 28 more days and see what happens.

@chimpancheesze I'm afraid you have more chance of seeing pigs fly and meeting and marrying your ideal fantasy woman than you have of seeing a fix for this issue any time in the near or distant future. Spotify consistently ignore users comments and requests for improvements and fixes. The mods will tell you they are listening and that will be the extent of the response. Saying that we can still hope for small miracles.

I just deleted the post that was supposed to go here.


After spending the day reading, searching and exploring for things that don't actually exist I elected not to give my 2 cents yet.


I want to make sure that everything I've read today and everything I couldn't do with the desktop or web application weren't the result of some freakishly low blood sugar.


I'll be back with either a solution or an opinion.  Just leaving money on the counter and leaving doesn't seem very polite.



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Re: Delete radio station
 [ New ]

Spotify's view on deleting radio stations:



lolololololol The as usual "we are listening post". What a bunch of bs lololol You've been saying it too long for it to be believed Spotify Mods. This forum is pointless as you never listen to your users but just carry on your merry way doing exactly as you please. It's why i never bother to contribute anything more than criticism any more lol

I guess you get what you pay for?  Or do premium users have this issue, too?  I accidentally made two of the same station and figured there had to be a way to delete the extra one.  Nope.  A big, tall glass full of nope.

Deleting stations is a feature that is currrently unavailable to all Spotify users, both free and premium.


According to a post made by the Spotify team, they will be implementing this feature at a later, unspecified date. They are more focused on other developments that they feel are more important than the feature to delete radio stations. Stay tuned! They know that this is a highly requested subject and will get to it when they get to it.

The delete radio stations has been a very highly requested idea for over a year now. So you can expect them to get to it when they get to it sometime never lol It is a prime example of how Spotify does not listen to it's users.

Tbh didn't want a "JAY Z" station. 

Not everyone listens to what's "popular"

The author of this article makes some valid points. Think I might be going back to Pandora. Ugh.

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