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Desktop App Won't Load on Win 10

Desktop App Won't Load on Win 10






HP Laptop

Operating System Win 10

I recently bought a new HP laptop with win10 and installed Spotify on it. Everything was working fine but now the app doesn't load at all. I had an older version (which I run on my main desktop pc and works fine) that I installed on the laptop. I think Spotify did an auto update becasue the icon is dfferent.

Since then the app doesn't not load at all. I've searched for a solution to no avail. I've tried uninstalling, deleting the spotify folder in the user/app data folder, etc. I tried installing an older version and at first I see the old icon show up then it seems as though it automatically updates and the icon changes to the new one. 

This is beyond frustrating. I like the app as I can pause or skip, I'm having to run the web version right now and would love to have the app working again.

Any insight?


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