[Desktop][Developer] Memory leak and soft-crash of the new desktop app

[Desktop][Developer] Memory leak and soft-crash of the new desktop app

Below I have documented some steps to reliably reproduce a memory leak and soft-crash of the new desktop app.


The Issue does not appear on the old version of the app ( when running the old UI via the ui.experience_override="classic" flag.



  1. Open the app. Version OS Windows 10 Pro.
  2. Open task manager, keep and eye on memory levels for Spotify
  3. Open this playlist:
    1. Titled: 'Long "Playlist" of Good Songs'.
    2. Any playlist with 5k+ songs will do.
    3. Alternatively: open several smaller playlists and scroll through each in turn.
  4. Scroll through the playlist slowly. Allow each song to load into view.
  5. Keep scrolling up and down the playlist.


Expected Result

  • I should be able to scroll through the entire playlist to view all the songs contained within it.
  • Memory levels should retain some level of sanity.
  • The old UI keeps memory at 600Mb, with seemingly regular garbage collection happening at that threshold.


Actual Result

  • Spotify increases memory consumption to 1.5Gb.
  • After this point, the app performs a soft-crash and forces a reload.
  • I am taken back to the homepage. My position in the playlist is lost.



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