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Desktop Display

Desktop Display

Just purchased a new PC with Windows 10 and want to have the Spotify icon permanently shown on my desktop display. I managed to somehow do that with my old PC but don't recall how I accomplished it. Any suggestions?  

3 Replies

Hey @Jaxpal


Do you mean getting the Spotify icon on taskbar (the bar where the start button sits) or the desktop?
To get something to taskbar, you can right-click on the Spotify icon and 'pin to taskbar'.
To get the Spotify icon to the desktop, do this:
Find the Spotify icon in your Start menu and try to drag it to your desktop. It should create a shortcut.

If that's not what you meant, let me know! 🙂

Just received this computer yesterday, so the Spotify icon isn't yet in the
start menu, if that makes sense.

Another likely reason for this problem is that the PC still needs
activation for Windows 10. It is a refurbished unit and, as such, requires
me to place a phone call in order to accomplish this. I won't be able to do
it until Monday as there is no one around on the weekends.



Oh 🙂
It should appear in the Start menu when it's installed. Unactivated Windows 10 doesn't limit this.


I suppose, if you're not comfortable installing anything on your yet unactive Windows, you can wait 'til you get things right. If you do want to install Spotify now, you can use this link.
It's a fast process and once it's done, it will ask your login details.

Note: the program is set to start up when you log in by default. If you don't want that you can disable it under Edit -> Preferences. Under Advanced Settings there is "Open Spotify automatically when you log in...", where you can set it to No.


Let me know if you're having questions, I'm happy to help 🙂

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