[Desktop] Keyboard Stop Button Functionality

[Desktop] Keyboard Stop Button Functionality

I previously submitted an idea under the title '[Desktop] Stop button on keyboard should reset to beginning of song' but it was closed, with the response saying, "Currently the Desktop app has only a Play/ Pause button in the Now Playing View. It would be great if you can share some screenshots of what you actually mean by the Stop button." I honestly don't know what's unclear about "stop button on the keyboard". I feel like no one read my idea properly. I've read it again and it really wasn't at all unclear, and I don't believe for a second Spotify employees aren't aware of media buttons on keyboards.

It also seems odd to ask for more information but then close the post so that I'm unable to provide it without waiting for idea posting to reopen so that I can try again.


Anyway, my irritation vented, what I'm asking is for the stop button on the keyboard to reset a track to the beginning, instead of simply pausing it. It would do this whether or not the track is paused.

This would make the stop button on the keyboard function the way stop buttons have always functioned on other media players and, indeed, many physical devices.

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Hey @DrCal,


Thanks for reaching out. We've moved your post to the Help board as it better fits here.


Apologies for the confusion caused by our previous reply. Please note that you can restart the currently playing track by simply clicking the Previous track button. If the track is paused it will stay that way and the progress bar will again jump to the beginning of the song, so this eliminates the need for a dedicated Stop button in the app.


We hope you'll find this info useful. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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