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[Desktop][Other] Bring back number of plays on ALL songs, not just what Spotify deems most popular.

[Desktop][Other] Bring back number of plays on ALL songs, not just what Spotify deems most popular.

I just hopped on desktop Spotify for the first time in years and was HEAVILY disappointed to learn that, not only did Spotify do away with the little popularity bars that used to let you know how popular a song was, but they also did away with listening counts entirely?! Only on the 5 or 10 "most popular songs" can you see the listening counts of a song, which is super frustrating considering the majority of the time the songs presented are not the artist's most popular. 


These features helped me discover artists by allowing me to start with the most popular song on an album. That way I don't unknowingly start with their worst song and then prematurely decide to skip over that artist. It seriously seems like every month we lose more and more GOOD features from this service. The app keeps getting more difficult to use. 

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Hi there @zabudnuty,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community and welcome!


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This feature hasn't been removed - you can find the number of plays of all the songs by an artist in their respective album, EP, or single release. You just need to open the album/EP/single and you'll find the total number of plays next to the track's title.


Hope you find this info useful. If you have any questions or need anything else, the Community is here for you.



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