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[Desktop][Other] Terrible performance in desktop application

[Desktop][Other] Terrible performance in desktop application

I'm using Spotify since last year, and can't say anything good about desktop app. The performance is terrible on medium PCs (yet with 16GB RAM, i5-6300HQ 2.3 GHz, Win 10). App loading time is awfull - it takes even 2-3 minutes to load -most- of the stuff, about 5 to load all (or the app stops loading things, and some assets - like playlist, Radio, images are missing). This PC is using internet connections about 50mbps, so no, it's not connection issue. I have no firewall other than one form Win one either.

As for the app which works more or less like an internet browser loading mostly lists and images.. geez.. that's awfull. Even Photoshop, Krita or VS load faster.

Is that becaus I use the un-paid version with ads? If so, this does convince me to move to paid plan. With a vision of paid and yet leaky program, I'm far for paying for it

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Same problem, when i start Spotify after first launch PC. Spotify installed on HDD, and HDD up load to 100% within 10-20 sec. When i launch Spotify second time, it's start faster. I think my HDD is dying, but SMART is OK without any problems. Specs: i7 3770, 24Gb RAM, Windows 10 (2004). Spotify app from Windows Store.

In my case Spotify is installed along the system on a smaller SSD drive (about 4 years old). There are some GB of free space there.

Today, after 2 minutes from booting (when the app still was missing all the playlists) it was using 18% of my CPU (which was used in 49% total) and about 0.2 MB/s of my drive (33% total), and 233,3 MB of RAM (57% used total). Windows 10, 2004, too.

Here are screenshots and DxDiag.

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