[Desktop][Playlists] Bring Back Ability to Sort Playlists by Artists

[Desktop][Playlists] Bring Back Ability to Sort Playlists by Artists

I don't know who thought it was remotely cool to remove the ability to sort the songs in a playlist by artist but let's bring that functionality back, k?


I don't think I need to explain why that ability is needed.


(Don't get me started on the visual clutter of having the artist name under the song title...)

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They have not removed it, but instead of making it easy for the user (just click on column header) they have removed artist column and now force you to use a drop down menu. 


Personally I could live with the drop down menu if I could still have the artist column. PLEASE BRING BACK ARTIST COLUMN!


My question: HOW is album or date added or track length so much more important that they get their own column, but artist isn't? 

Ah thank you, I didn't see that. I agree, I'd still prefer the Artist column to come back. Even after I sort by Artist it's still hard to find the one I'm looking for since it's on a second line, hiding behind the song name. It's just terrible, cluttered design that's practically unreadable.


I use the date added column fairly often in a couple of playlists, so I'd like to keep that. If something had to be sacrificed, putting the Album name below the song title would make more sense than putting the Artist there. BUT we're talking about the DESKTOP version of this app, there is PLENTY of space to bring the Artist column back and keep all the others.

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