New Spotify desktop app April 2021

New Spotify desktop app April 2021

releasedate songs and albums are gone

bandname under the songname is not good

to much air and empty space

I would like Song - Bandname - Albumname - Time


Why not rightclick on a song and you get releasedate?


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Yeah, it is really bad. I don't know what the **bleep** Spotify are thinking, and how they could approve such a crappy update. The only good thing about it is that you can see the album covers of the songs in your playlist, just like on mobile. But other than that, they have redesigned it to make the listener listen to new music, and mostly it is music that Spotify wants you to listen to. I am very, very close to changing services. 

Does anyone know how we can keep an older version?

Hey @indieniels@Kevla@leoals, thanks for reaching out to the Community about this! 


I'm sorry to hear that your experience with the New Desktop app hasn't been as expected. I encourage you to head to this thread and leave your feedback there. This is being monitored by the right teams at Spotify as they really value your feedback and it is important for Spotify to keep improving the app and the overall experience.


I hope this helps!

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I looked for this specifically for a place where I could share my feedback with Spotify on the new UI. I like the cleaned up share & playlist options, but search is fundamentally broken now. It's not just mildly worse; it's borderline unusable:
- Finding a song is now incredibly difficult (I had to result to Google today to find what I was looking for, THEN search in Spotify, whereas it always worked before)
- You can't really navigate an artist's discography anymore. Dates are de-emphasized, and you have to click into every. single. album. Especially in this day and age of digital streaming, most people will remember a song more than what album it was in. Why make people search album by album??
- The card-based UI is MUCH harder to navigate than the previous list-based UI. I don't think this a matter of familiarity. Take "Recent searches" as an example. They just blend into a sea of other cards for "Your top genres" (who cares about this?) and "Browse all" (again, who cares?). Because they're now cards, there isn't much room and the names get truncated, dates aren't even displayed, etc. It's like Spotify expects people to navigate primarily based off the thumbnail and the name/details secondarily. Odd and dysfunctional.

So two notable good things came from this update (cleaner share & playlist options) but did this really have to come at the expense of so much core, CRITICAL functionality?

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