[Desktop][Search] CTRL + F


[Desktop][Search] CTRL + F


Please implement the functionality to "Find in Page." Too often, I'm browsing on a particular artist or album page and want to find a specific song. However, (1) I don't want to leave the page I'm on by typing the song into the search box and (2) I don't want to scroll through, album by album to find what I'm looking for. Simple: CTRL + F, type in a couple words, and then jump to the first spot where those words are found. As long as the cursor is still inside the "find" textbox, ENTER should skip to the next instance of the word. Escape gets rid of the textbox, at which point SPACE should execute the "play" command on the highlighted song.

Thank you for considering the suggestions of your users!

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This should definately be a suggestion that gets through. But be aware that maybe the Spotify team has already thought of this and is finding a way to code it in the program.