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Desktop and mobile are different accounts?????

Desktop and mobile are different accounts?????

Im having a problem where my desktop version is acting like its a different account from my mobile version. For example, i can only add new songs on my mobile created playlists from my desktop if the playlist is on collaborative mode, and they show different Owners, like my desktop made playlist show my Username (the numbered one) and my mobile made show my nickname. (Images Below)



Also i cant see new playlists that i create on my desktop on my mobile and vice versa.

Thanks for the pacience!!!!


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Hey @potterdemana,


Thank you for your post. We're sorry for the late reply.


It seems like you have two different accounts. We suggest that you have a look at this article on how to find out more specific information about them.


When you've found out the information about the two accounts, you can transfer your playlists from one account of your choice to the another by following the steps that's provided here


We hope this information was helpful.


If you have any questions we're always one reply away. We're happy to help 🙂



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