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Desktop windows app: 1) filter explicit content, 2) switch off album artwork & videos

Desktop windows app: 1) filter explicit content, 2) switch off album artwork & videos


Spotify Premium. Windows desktop app. 

I have limited data, & I want to use Spotify in both family & professional environments. 


1)  Please enable an Explicit content filter - I play Spotify in our family home and I do NOT want my 8 & 9 year old daughters dancing to  Kanye Wests "I love It" ('your such a f*&cking HOE, I love it' .... really!!) It's rather unbelivable that this isn't a standard feature!! 


2) Please enable to switch off all album & song artwork & videos ... this would both save on data wastage & prevent explicit content from being on the screen. 


3) as well as adding our favourite songs , it would be great to add a song that we don't want to hear again to a 'do not play list'.


Thank you . 

2 Replies

Hey @j6n22b8kyyyu7n2.


Thanks for providing us with this feedback - we really do appreciate it 🙂


Would you mind creating a separate post for each of the ideas that you have suggested? That way, other users on the Community will be able to find them more easily. 

To answer just your first question (we have renamed the thread to reflect this): currently the explicit content filter is only available on mobile and tablet versions of Spotify.


If you would like for it to be implemented on the desktop app as well, you can head here and vote for the idea.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Seems Spotify is not really serious about the Explicit filter. I just had a song play on my Win 10 desktop that was something about David Bowie beating something with a crowbar, m-effer, S@*t and blah blah. I was like, whoa! Let me mark this as explicit... Hmm, where is that option? 20 minutes later, yea, 20 minutes of WASTED FRIGGIN TIME, it was apparent Spotify had dropped the ball on several levels.
Please give us the ability to control what we listen to on ALL PLATFORMS! Good grief, why pay for a broken or unfinished product? Especially the family plan I dish out for every month...

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