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Disable Explicit Songs?


Disable Explicit Songs?

Is it possible to tell spotify not to play any songs with explicit lyrics?  I like to play random playlists or spotify's top lists sometimes but don't like songs with explicit lyrics. 


Any help would be appreciated.





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Come on, Spotify! You're already doing the most difficult part (marking songs as explicit). It can't be too difficult to provide an option to block such songs!

Make sure to tweet their @Spotify and @SpotifyCares with the hashtag

I think it looks like spotify either don't care or can't do anything about it. Maybe the artists and labels are strong arming them, refusing to give them other artists or content if they restrict the content of these 'offenders'. Either way I can't believe that the company hasn't made a comment on this thread which now runs to 7 pages. I'm not against the use of whatever language artists choose to use in their pieces but I'm afraid to give my 9 year old son free use and have to be careful what I listen to when he and my 6 year old daughter are around the house. Please report this post as offensive and lets see if we can get a response.


Try this one for size and see if you want your kids listening to it. It's freely available for my son...


"I'd rather f**k you" - by Easy E


Aaaah, this is one of them songs
you can kick back and smoke a joint to
And get real f**ked up
I like to dedicate this one to all the lovely young ladies out there
Oh me? I'm Eazy E, alias a Hoe Taming Motherf**ker
And I want all you ladies to know something


you get the idea...

Oh and by the way, I just reported ththat post as inappropriate...

There is obviously no interest on Spotify's part to have this feature or it would have already been done.  Shame on Spotify.

Yes me too

My teenage daughters have introduced me to Spotify. My problem is the language. I think Spotify is super and have preferred it over Pandora. As a business owner, my clients are moms. I have been talking to all of them about how great Spotify is!!! Tonight, playing some "Feelin Good" mood music and the explicit language comes pouring out of the speaker. Well, that doesn't make me feel good, especially with my kids in the next room. I'm in a hurry, so I switch channels: " Who Run the World? Girls!" 38% of the songs are marked explicit (sigh) So, I start looking through my profile, account and settings to figure out how to turn the cursing off. As everyone here already knows - there is no such way. Well, that was a waste of an hour tonight AND all those moms I told.....guess what I will be chatting with them about now!?


Come on Spotify - I can see that customers have been asking for this for years now! It's not going to hurt anyone. Perhaps it's business and contracts and stuff like that - well, then just say so. Pandora has gotton bad, or else we wouldn't be looking for something else - but guess what - unless you want to be just a stepping stone to the next best thing, you may want to take a moment to not only LISTEN but also RESPOND in a manner that adults can understand and at least have the opportunity to have it all make sense.


Frustrated Parent - Catherine

@ckellie---great articulation of the problem. I tweeted this to Spotify with #explicitlyrics

If you are on Twitter, send tweets to @Spotify and @SpotifyCares with links to the thread.



Honestly, I just felt that I should voice my opinion and once was enough. It's obvious Spotify does not really care and it's a shame, but I am not passionate enough about someone else's dollar to invest so much of my time and energy into trying to get them to change. The company has lots to learn, including that 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, however 91% of those will simply leave and never come back. This is just the tip of the iceberg. My one complaint will turn into 500 complaints very quickly and exponentially - all I have to do is tell 10 people, who share with 5 more people and wa-la - 500 people complaining about Spotify!

Not trying to be rude. I realize that someone here put a whole ton of time and effort into a program that has been unappreciated by this huge company. My thought is patent it so when they do decide to turn around, they have to buy it from you instead of getting free use of it! Or better yet, start up the next big thing and become the competition! It's a shame but I'm moving forward to find something better.

Thanks so much for listening! Catherine

Wow, this thread is long.  Must be the music labels that are preventing the incorporation of parental controls - why else would none of the major players incorporate this simply feature into their streaming services.


Personally, I've given up and will be cancelling my premium memembership.   Oh, I'll still continue to use the service because some (very small) sums of money will be paid to artists.  Lukily, I use a Macbook and have been able to use the Spotless app to prevent explicit songs from playing.   It works great and many thanks to the talented individual (Josh Lukins) who created it.


I have a feeling that government regulation will be the only way to get progress on this - which will be a big, big shame.  


Might be worth voting here :

Not hopeful judging by how long it's been "in consdieration"


Spotless is available at the following link :

If you find it useful, please support the developer by making a donation.


I got onto this thread because I was shocked when I played the main USA top tracks list (with over 1 million followers!) and it was spattered with foul misogynistic songs. But now I think you can't blame Spotify for giving 1m people what they want and listing what is popular in the USA (however vile that might be).

If you look around a bit you'll find folk offering non-explicit playlists. Give them a boost by following them, and you can make your own by going thru the US tops and only saving the tracks with no parental warning. Takes a few minutes but could save blushes in the office!

I'm using Slacker Radio and it works beautifully. I can do everything Spotify does and it provides the music edited base on my settings.

Slacker Radio is really a different beast than Spotify. However, your post makes think about two different use cases and how explicit lyrics would work within them.


One scenario is the radio feature, where you simply want to be able to a radio station without the explicit lyrics. I think that's the easiest one to  implement and would have two options: block all explicit songs, or substitie radio editions. Spotify could get a quick, big win if they implemented this as many of the users on this thread want explicit filtering in this context.


The other scenario is that of the user who browses and searches for music on-demand. I could see that taking a little more work as you'd have to filter out query results based on the flag in the user's configuration settings.


Slacker does both. When I browse an artist I can look at all the songs available. Based on my setting anything with explicit content can't be played unless I go in and change my setting. I can also choose different stations and not worry about it playing explicit content. It's awesome!

This is awesome. The app is much better than Xbox music (at least on iPhone) which also has explicit lyric blocking. I'm going to give them a try and if the catalog looks good, I'm cancelling Spotify for my family. Spotify will lose out on $30 a month.

It seems most major music services out there has Explicit Song skipping feature and Spotify doesn't.  When I have guests over to my house I don't want foul language blarring from my stereo.  It takes a lot of work to constantly make my own playlists with this feature.


I'll be cancelling my Spotify and posting about this on all my social networks.

i guess we'll all have to start using Pandora and not Spotify! smh

Now that Grooveshark is gone, I'm guessing there will be more folks checking out Spotify. Now would be a great time for their admins to consider adding a 'explicit song disable' feature for the sake of those checking it out who might want to share this radio music with their families and not get garbage included in the mix.

I agree. Really need a feature to block out explicit. Not just for my kid, but for me. I would just like to hear music without all the garbage.

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