Discord Spotify Connection Problems

Discord Spotify Connection Problems








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Windows 10


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Alright, so when connecting with friends I've had a problem where my friend skips to another song and the song pauses and stops. Some songs that are lengthy begin at odd times as well, rather than it being stopped at 0 it might start at 4:24 etc and the song is 4:58 etc where my friend has started at 0. When he connects with me it seems to be fine. I've tried clearing spotify cache, reconnecting/disconnecting accounts. Also on discord's end for the countdown when going to my friends profile, it says the song has started however it will say 4:55/4:55 etc rather than count up or even say 0 which my friend told me mine was at 0/4:55.


Any help would be great because this is an awesome feature and having issues with it is quite disappointing. Thanks.


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Hi, @Exayne11


Have you perhaps tried to remove Discord from your desktop completely and then installing it again? Are you using any added mods to Discord (BetterDiscord themes for example)?


If this works, please mark it as a solution to help others.

If this doesn't work, please reply back and I will help you with this situation.





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