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Does Spotify Free have a timeout?

Does Spotify Free have a timeout?

I have the desktop application installed. I stream music through my house and find after idling for awhile the music stops playing. When I return to my desktop I simply hit play to start the music again. It doesent crash or anything. It just stops playing. No error message. Is there a default timeout after no activity?

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Hello @Zeleo,


There is no timeout period for no activity.

If the issue occurs again, let me know, so we can troubleshoot it. : )

I have the same exact situation/problem.  I have it running on my HTPC streaming to whole home audio amp.  I just want it to keep playing endlessly without me touching it (go through teamviewer to skip songs).  But it keeps timing out.  When I go in, the screen looks like it's playing and the button is in "play" mode.  But I can't even hit the pause button or anything to restart.  I have to click on another station and then go back. 


*As a note, I"m using the free version currently.  I've tried a few other free versions and experience the same problem, however, I like Spotify the most and want to get the paid version for higher quality (in whole house, quality is important), but I won't if I have to go into everyday and restart it multiple times.

I call BULL**bleep** on this reply. *Clearly* there's a timeout, whether advertised or not. Let's be honest, here, OK?

I have this problem as well.  I have an android tablet that I stream music through my wired speakers throughout my house and it only seems to last for 4-6 hours until it stops and I have to press play again. Is this only in the free version or is it in the paid version as well?  Is there some value that I can change?

I agree with you - my premium version on my desktop time out usually before one song is complete. I tried some program taht was suggested online but i cound not get teh program to doawnload correctly.

sorry for spelling -

I have a similar problem with the free version, except instead of timing out completely it goes into "radio" mode and starts randomly playing a bunch of songs in a similar vein after a couple of hours. Anyone else?


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