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Done with Spotify, hello Amazon Music

Done with Spotify, hello Amazon Music

I've been using Spotify for a couple years now, but the Desktop App is garbage and I'm really tired of fiddling with it.  The solution to installing it?  Run it in Windows XP compatibility mode.  That tells me that Spotify doesn't give two, or even one, **bleep**s about their users.  They're using the same garbage software they've been using, despite endless complaints.  


Spotify this is why you're struggling - because you just don't care about your users, and we're on to you.  Seeya, Spotify.

4 Replies

it is nice to vent and let spotify know how you feel.


You gotta go with what works for you and if you're not happy with Spotify then keep enjoying the music. Hopefully amazon will be good for you

Yep well, spent 1 day with Amazon Music and they didn't have half of the songs I wanted to see.  So I'm back to garbage Spotify.

that sucks. why does spotify *refuse* to pay a team of programmers to fix things?? if they can't do it, hire a team that can! if _they_ can't do it, hire a team to create a NEW app!


btw, the best alternative afaik is google play music.



Much sympathy . . . .


As far as I know, there is a good and easy "user programming fix" for every bug in whatever Spotify player that drives you nuts.


Try searching for [Spotify reddit wiki] for some ideas.


Some of us find it very difficult to give up on very basic functionality, so we have to do the "user programming fixes" ourselves.


Cheers!  And the music in the Spotify archives is The Best!  You just have to work to get to it-- We know . . . .  Keep at it!

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