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Downloading Spotify.exe on PC won't work

Downloading Spotify.exe on PC won't work

I have used Spotify on my PC for around 2 years now and for some reason one day it just decided to stop working properly. Whenever I tried to open it it says that I already had a Windows Store version running. I knew that I never downloaded the Windows version before, but I still looked through Task Manager and looked through File Explorer but I couldn't find any Windows version. Anyway Spotify still kind of worked, I just need to press the retry button when the popup came up (I don't have an image of it unfortunately), after about 3 retries it worked but it wasn't fixed. The next I tried it again and (to no ones surprise) nothing had fixed over night. I decided to check for Windows updates but I was up to date. So I decided to uninstall Spotify and then re-install it, which made the problem worse. My current situation that happens is whenever I run SpotifySetup.exe, a popup comes up and says that "A Windows Store installation of Spotify was found in your system. Please uninstall that version first, or update through Windows Store". (I thought I could get an image of this one but I just updated my Radeon Software and its being annoying). The only option I can choose is OK ad no retry this time. I have gone into windows store and found Spotify in my list but it wasn't installed. I then went to install it but it wasn't working, I just sat there and waited, nothing was wrong with my internet or anything else as I could download other games, but with the Spotify install the download bar just didn't go up. If someone could tell me how to completely flush all Spotify files out of my PC then that would help me a lot. Thanks.

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Hi there @DaleG317,

thanks for reaching out !


This behavior of any app/software may indicate you have traces of old installations on your device.


I would recommend checking out this Spotify Answer and perform a clean reinstall of the app which is a bit different than the usual installation.


Let me know if you have further questions 🙂

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