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Empty playlist and loading playlist errors

Empty playlist and loading playlist errors

Hello everybody,

Since a couple of days I can't manage playlist correctly.

I want to import an iTunes playlist (not smart, but normal playlist) in Spotify.

Firstly, I've tried to import with the File>Import Playlist>iTunes mode but, if on the Windows app seems to work correctly, on the web-app and on iOS apps (both iPhone and iPad) the playlist appears with the "Loading" message.

So, I've decided to try importing it with Ivy, but, again, in the Windows App everything seems to work, but on the other platforms the playlist is completely empty.

I've already reinstalled all the apps, but nothing has changed.

What can be the problem?



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It will be because the playlist is made up purely of local files on your desktop Spotify, unfortunately the web player doesn't have any support for local files.

However, you should be able to sync those local files over to your iOS devices by connecting them to the same WiFi network as your computer then selecting the device under "Devices" on the left side of the Spotify app.

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