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Error 101


Error 101

I can't log into Spotify, I get "error 101". I've tried the thing written in a LOT of times now. Anyone have any other ideas on what I can do? Seems kind of a waste to have Spotify Premium if I can't even log in. 🙂

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Hi! I was having this same issue and was about to give up honestly.



When I went to my firewall settings through my anti-virus program rather than my control settings, there was a firewall option to "restore to original settings" which allowed me to listen to spotify again. Hope this helps!

Fixed!  THANK YOU!

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I'm on a university campus, and im getting error 101, what am i ment to do?

@auldearn wrote:

I'm on a university campus, and im getting error 101, what am i ment to do?

Hey! 🙂 Welcome to the community!


101 is caused by a connection error, normally because a firewall is preventing Spotify from accessing the internet. 

Do you run security or other firewall software on your computer? If so, you might need to add Spotify to its exceptions list (McAfee seems to be the worst one for interfering with Spotify), or try disabling it temporarily to see if Spotify then works. 


If you rule out your computer, you should contact your University IT department and ask them. Some university's and businesses have firewalls which are configured to block p2p traffic that Spotify uses.



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Hi, I can't get acces to Spotify on my desktop - get error 101. I have Mcafee firewall, but can't seam to find the "allow" button? Running Spotify on Crome. Anyone?? Have Spotify premium, but whats the use, if I can't use it on my desktop aswell?

Sorry found it....problem solved 🙂 Allowed though Mcfee 🙂

I have the same problem. I have windows firewall and I turn it off an Spoify still doesn't work. i have reintsalled Spotify mutiple time with no sucess. What should i do now?

we have this problem now all day, tried everything: log out/install again/update etc.

it still says, no contact to the internet, but there is...
How can I solve this?

@hetgroteavontuu wrote:

we have this problem now all day, tried everything: log out/install again/update etc.

it still says, no contact to the internet, but there is...
How can I solve this?

Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂


Do you have any firewall or security software running which might be blocking Spotify's connection to the internet? If so you need to add Spotify to the exceptions lists in those programs. 

Also be aware that if you are using a work/public network, there are sometimes restrictions on the type of connections that can be passed through the network and the p2p connections that Spotify needs are somtimes blocked to save bandwidth. 



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I have had this problem for over a month now. I can log in from other computers but not from my own. I haven't had the chance to test another account on this pc. I'm not at any university campus or such.


One day my spotify just stopped letting me in, showing the 101 message.

Sometimes it'd let me in but claim that I'm in offline mode. 


After googling about the problem I tried to access my antivirus (at that time panda cloud) but it was somehow broken and couldn't open. I uninstalled and reinstalled  the antivirus and spotify both multiple times but neither would work. At some point I tried to find out if I'm using a proxy server but it seems I'm not - I tried all kinds of proxy/ip revealer sites but they always said "no proxy server" or "no information available".


So naturally I go ape**bleep** on my computer and scan it with three different antivirus softwares and spyware softwares also.. I did not install antiviruses on top of each other but did each scan separately. There were mostly spyware and a trojan somewhere but they got fixed.


My nerdy friend told me to also reinstall Microsoft's .NET Framework thingy just in case, so I did that also. 


I ditched panda and left a free trial of avast! installed on my computer. However, the problem with spotify has been around no matter what antivirus and/or firewall software I've had installed. Even when I had absolutely none of any antivirus or firewall softwares installed (just windows firewall, with spotify allowed) it didn't let me in. 


Additional information: Before running the virus scans I had problems with all sorts of online installators - java and panda for example. So I was absolutely sure the problem was because of some virus that messed up the connections or something.. but after fixing all the other problems the most important one still doesn't work - spotify!


So what more can I do? I'm paying for unlimited now and I love the program but if I can't fix this, I'm ending my subscription this month. (How do I do that by the way?)




I recently upgraded to Spotify Premium from my Spotify Free acct that I've had for a few months now. The first couple of days after I downloaded Premium I got this error code 101, and it said something about a firewall on my computer. I have spent the last couple of days uninstalling, re-starting, and re-installing Spotify to no avail. Can you resolve this problem for me? It still works on my phone, but it doesn't work on my laptop at all, and it's very frustrating. I don't want to cancel my subscription, but if we can't find a solution I will have to do so.

Right i keep getting the error 101

fuming here i've turned of my firewall, but it's still saying it this is on my second laptop I'm on premium 

i want answers not a runaround as last i got some snide answer then when i come back i couldn't find the tread 

the complaints over this is un-real is there something more sinster like spotify don't want you to have it on two laptops 

I would like a proper answer as why shouldn't connect now that the firewall is turned off.


Yours 1 angry punter

Would like to say the above rant is not about the community, but at spotify 


Peace x

Hi can anyone help i can't log on to spotify anymore without getting Error 101 show up.  It worked absolutely fine for first week.  Ive followed 'help' instructions.  Have uninstalled and re-installed several times have left it a few days to see if it rectified itself, but it unfortunately didn't.  Have also checked my firewall and made sure it was on the 'ok' list.

Have also just tried restoring system still the same error 😞


I have tried everything that has been suggested for solving the error 101 that is not allowing me to be online while using Spotify (uninstalled, changed firewall settings). I am paying for Preimum Spotify and this problem has been going on for a few days - would love to be able to use my account! 



thanks! i have been trying everything as posted prior to this for weeks but hadn't thought about mcaffee at all.

reset and, PRESTO, my music is back!

well done!

I'm having the exact same problem, spotify came up saying i was offline(?) with error code 101, so yesterday i googleg it and followed the uninstall reinstall instructions.


I've now done this several times and now I can't even log into spotify, comes up with a message about firewalls and proxy settings. I don't know what a proxy server is, as far as i know i don't have one, and i don't seem to have a firewall either. I'm on AVG which doesn't have a firewall and i've adjusted the settings on my windows firewall to all spotify and still nothing.


Apparently my windows firewall is being managed by McAfee and i've noticed a lot of people are having problems with spoify and McAfee, but i haven't activated McAfee so surely this can't be the problem?


I honestly don't know what else to do and I'm getting really frustrated as I literally just payed for my first month on spoify premium and I can't even get on it!


For some reason spotify still seems to work onmy android phone but not my laptop, why is this? Can anyone please help me? I was really loving spotify until this 😞

I found out that the thing that was interfering with Spotify was PeerBlock on my computer. I had the same error 101 problem and disabling that cleared it up.

I'm having this issue on my son's spotify. Working last week and not this week. There has been no changes on the laptop. It's allowed through the only firwall. I've checked firwall and done a clean install. Frustrating to say the leasr. There is no reason I can see for this.  He's on XP.


Can anyone offer advice.




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