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Totally Different Song

Totally Different Song

Hello, so I'm having the following problem: 

 There's a song that when i listen to it on my iphone it sounds totally differente than when I play it on the spotify of my pc; even when while listening to the song on my iphone I press the option to change it to listen it to the pc, and it's like completely different, even though it says it's the same song. The song is: "Stranger (Originally Performed by Big Fish) [Instrumental Version]".

Here's the link to the pc version:
And here's the link to the playlist where the web player version is, whis is the same as in my iphone but different from the spotify desktop app (this is the right version of the song, I know the song):

I've also attached a video as proof of what happens. I hope you can fix this or tell me what's going on. Thanks in advance!

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This is a strange issue! I have some questions for you, so we can troubleshoot it;


  1. Any other songs having this kind of issue?
  2. Can this be replicated when switching between other devices?
  3. Can you tell me the exact models and versions of the app and software of both devices?
  4. The song on your PC(The totally different song you get)- Is it always the same song or does it always change randomly?

I'll be waiting for your reply, please answer 🙂


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