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Error 18

Error 18

Everytime Spotify updates itself and attempts to reinstall the update I get error 18. This has happened 10 times. I've had to completely reinstall and install it again 10 times. I don't want to deal with this anymore. I've seen posts on here about error 18 from up to  2012 with absolutely no real solution. What the **bleep** is going on.

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Hey there @SH0DAN,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


This one, is going to be a bit long but don't give up just yet.


Error 18 prejects when older traces of the last Spotify installation or uninstall are left in your system and for some reason on your device's process.


As a first basic step please click Ctrl+Alt+Dlt and terminate each and every Spotify activity you see on ALL tabs.


Secondly, click on your win magnifing glass symbol (left bottom corner) and search the word "Run".

Then type "%appdate% in the search box. locate the Spotify folder, right click and press delete.


Restart you PC and try reinstalling the app.


Waiting to see how you did 😃





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