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Error 802 every time a Rolling Rock Commercial Comes on

Error 802 every time a Rolling Rock Commercial Comes on

Every time a Rolling Rock Commercial comes on, it freezes up Spotify and I have to exit and re-open it to be able to listen to music. I'm really surprised that there is no "repport problem" button. This seems like a simple glitch that they should fix. Any idea how to tell spotify to fix this or tell them that their commercial is loosing them money?

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I'm also having this problem. This is spotify on Mac

I have a similar issue just with the McDonalds ad... I have to log out and back in again for Spotify to start working again.

Can confirm, also having this issue.  I can play about 2 songs before an ad comes up and gives me an error 802.  I've reinstalled Spotify, restarted my computer, updated my system - no go.  This is Version for Windows 8.1.

I just did the upgrade to 09.13.24.g5dbb3103.  It did the restart process and played fine for about 30-45min.  It stopped with the 802 error with a commercial for Photographer Central qued up, but never plays.  I try to play the next track with it saying it "will play after the commercial message" yet it never starts.  I have to close & reopen it to get it to play.  Just out of curiosity, anyone have this issue and have a paid subscription?  They don't get commercials right?  So, they may not get this error and as a tactic to get more paid subscritions may never get this issue fixed.

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