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Playlists differ

Playlists differ



I've had a "temporary" playlist for years that I constently updates by adding I need to listen to and it constantly growing even though I constantly delete songs. But I have just discovered that it dosn't work as before.

I use Spotify daily on my home computer, every workday on my computer at work and daily on my phone. And I mainly do the changes in my playlists on either of the computers. But, since a week or two back the common playlist seems to have merged in to two lists. The one at home and the one at work. Changes I make at home or at work is not updated at the other place. And I'm not sure if the one on the phone is the same as one of the others or a third version of the same list.

Have there been a change in Spotify that I don't know about, and this is how it will work from now on?

Or is this fixable? Can I somehow get the playlist to sync again...or should I delete it and start over?


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Todays update fixed the problem! 🙂

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