Error Code 13 (Windows 10 64-bit)

Error Code 13 (Windows 10 64-bit)


 After an update a few months ago or close to that, my spotify wouldn't start, so i tried to reinstall it but i've had no luck. 

Suggestions i've tried that haven't worked:

1. The alternate SpotifyFullSetup.exe file  gets Error Code 13 also.

2. Downloading from the Windows store doesn't work.

3. Setting the install file to Windows XP SP3 Compatibility Mode (as someone suggested in an alternate thread) tells me to install spotify on a user account instead of an administrator account.

4. Running the installer as an administrator tells me to do it on a user account. 

5. Deleting appdata folders for Spotify didn't fix the error.



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Recommend you checking out this thread about Error Code 13.


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