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Find Friends stuck loading

Find Friends stuck loading




 United States


Dell / Surface Book

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I don't know if I've ever been able to use the "see what your friends are playing" or "find friends" feature on Spotify. I click find friends and a popup saying "follow" pops up and it stays stuck on the loading dots and nothing happens. I am connected to my Facebook. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, loging in/out. Nothing has worked. I can use the search and even my facebook friends will pop up in the search. 


I talked to customer support 2 weeks ago and they couldn't fix my issue and said they would email me a solution. That never happened. This has been a long ongoing issue and is very annoying.

20 Replies

same with me

same with me . it is highly annoying. i like to see what my facebook friends who use spotify are listening to.  why can this not be fixed?  we pay a lot of money every month to subscribe to this service!!

Same with me, I think for the last YEAR. I've logged out and in of all devices. I've removed the App from facebook to have to re log in. That gives it access to my friends list again but the find friends wheel just spins and spins. This has been the case for so long now. I don't understand why it hasn't been fixed. It doesn't work for desktop osx app and find friends fails on my android app.


It seems that this is some facebook communications issue? But my Spotify app was created with my Facebook, so I can't separate the two totally and easily just yet.


PLEASE FIX THIS AS I HAVE NEW MUSIC FRIENDS AND WE'D LIKE TO KEEP TABS ON WHAT WE ARE LISTENING TO. And also because been a broken feature for EVERY version of the software on all platforms for at LEAST a year now, and not fixing it is just **bleep** lazy. is truly a pain in the **bleep**. I used to be able to see over  100 different Facebook friends and their music listening tastes but now only 6

Interesting that you're still able to see some. I can't see any of my friends which really sucks. 

same here. just loading forever.

Spotify team any response? It would be a Christmas miracle if you could get this to work... I've already started the process of looking up alternatives

same with me.


running macOS mojave


Same issue for me, running Mojave for IOS. Going to cancel my premium if it's not fixed. Anyone have ideas? 

Add one more to the list. I'm also not able to access my friends through my phone (Android). It gives me a "sorry, something went wrong" message.

@abenez wrote:

Add one more to the list. I'm also not able to access my friends through my phone (Android). It gives me a "sorry, something went wrong" message.

Yep I have this same thing happen to me. It's like we're paying to sub tier accounts, not getting all the features advertised.

Same thing here, with Android 6 phone and also my Windows 10 laptop.


SPOTIFY TEAM - PLEASE HELP ALL OF US, THIS CANNOT BE IGNORED! There ARE alternatives to Spotify. Let us stay with Spotify by correcting this bug.



Nir. Premium member.

Same issue here on MacOS

I'll just add one to the pile, petition style.

Spotify Team, kind of a big dropping of the ball to have such a clear problem persisting for so long without even a response.

I'll just continue on with the general theme, I'm experiencing the same issue and would love a fix. Spotify please help!

+1 here... tried on 3 different computers / installed, unistalled, and reinstalled the desktop app / tried disconnecting and reconnecting / shut down and reopen computer.... nothing works.


When should we expect this to be fixed?? Part of the service we pay for.

Echoing this, same problem for me. Entirely uninstalled Spotify and reinstalled. Disconnected and reconnected facebook, and now I actually have no friends in the list at all.

There is an ongoing investigation about this issue which you can track here. You can vote for it so it will catch more attention. I hope this is gonna be fixed soon, please be patient 🙂

I had this problem too and fixed it as follow:


Settings -> Social -> Disconnect from Facebook

Then connect again, you will have to re-enter your facebook credentials.

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