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Fluctuating volume levels during a track


Fluctuating volume levels during a track



Has anyone else ever experienced the volume levels changing during a song? The only way I can describe it is it feels like someone's playing with the volume, lowering it for half a second before returning it to it's previous level.


It only does it on a handful of tracks, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this? Could it be an earphone/headphone problem?


Any help would be much appreciated.




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 Mine was "Audio Enhancement" Under "Listening Experience" Tab but it worked. Your post showed me where to look. I would suspect that other Audio programs similar to DTS might have similar features that do the same thing. Thanks!

Same problem with Spotify on my PS4.
I noticed that it usually turns the volume down for the bass-parts of the songs... so at least not totally randomly.
Almost no adjustments possible for the App on PS4. Pretty sure that it is a Spotify problem and not a general hardware- or PS4-problem because Youtube, for example, works perfectly well.
Any ideas? 🙂

Sorry, wrong board obviously.. but dont know how to delete my post

Yep, thanks for this - specifically on Windows 10 machine



Hey I’m having this fluctuating volume issue while listening on my ps4 through my tv I’ve tried everything it won’t go away!

I just found this "Loudness Equalization" and it worked for me.

Thank you, strangers online!! 

My music has been saved!!! 

  • I have a similar problem where it's a little more subtle but it's like someones messing with the bass and treble making the song sound muffled

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