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Hotkey for Thumbs up or down


Hotkey for Thumbs up or down

I'm just checking if anybody has figured out a way to do this and maybe I'm missing something. I'm looking for a way to assign a hotkey to thumbs up or thumbs down a radio station, however it needs to get done. Blockify and Toastify don't seem to implement this, and I'm not even sure if libspotify has this open for a call to be sent to the app. I run a lot of full screen applications with the radio in the background so having a hotkey for thumbs up/down would be really helpful. If I have to write a script myself I'm down for it, just looking to save time where I can. Thanks.


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There is currently a an idea to add global hotkeys to Spotify, add your Kudos here. 🙂

Hope this helped 🙂

Don't forget to add your Kudos and mark as a solution if it helped you!

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Whats a Spotify Rock Star?

Submitting it as an idea is cool but I'd rather not wait on developers who may or may not implement the feature if I can do it myself(unless somebody already has done it). Thanks for the tip though.

Hello again!


Sure, i also found this project, if your a Mac user it doesn't have hotkeys for the radio feature but for a lot of other things 🙂 You can check it out here! Here is also a list of keyboard shortcuts in Spotify here. Sorry that the function your looking for is not available though :/, i encourage you to still add your Kudos so it can eventually be officially added, if selected to go that far. 

Hope this helped 🙂

Don't forget to add your Kudos and mark as a solution if it helped you!

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Whats a Spotify Rock Star?

I just setup automouseclick software utility by murgee (30 day trial, then 5$ - with spotify running on a second screen.

Check out the documentation and you'll get the idea, it's very easy to set up. 2 minutes.

Run two instances of the software, one with hotkey assinged to click on thumb down, other one on up.

Delay before click: 500ms
cursor back: checked
repeat count: 1

Surely this can be done free of charge with autohotkey/autoit, and I might get into that if I find any problems.

The only downside I've detected so far is that your current window looses focus.

Give it a try and do report back your experience.


edit: maybe it's possible to virtualize second screen (virtual desktop software) for those that don't want/have second screen

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Toastify ( now supports this!

Yes! I can confirm this works great. Figured I trade the ability to minimize to system tray for this but whatevs, it's progress!

Guys, I cannot figure out how I can set global hotkeys for thumbs up / thumbs down in toastify (now I am skipping unwanted music with "next track" hotkey) What am I missing?

Unfortunately we had to remove the functionality because it was too invasive (memory impact and other performance issues) and, surprisingly, had a very small user base. It would be great if Spotify supported this out of the box, but in reality this is not even on their priority list.

Oh **bleep**, I really wish I could do that


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