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Follow button changed to heart button

Follow button changed to heart button


This morning my artist page "Follow" button has turned into a heart button. It does the same thing as Follow did, but it's much harder to quickly see whether I'm following (hearting? liking?) an artist, since the button is very small and doesn't change color.


I know you're trying to sort out the follow/like/heart/love -mess, and I don't really care what you call that button, but please try to make less abrupt visual changes to the ui - have some heart you guys!

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Hey @apemon, welcome to the Community.


Hope you are having a great time!

Nothing to worry! Spotify is undertaking some changes and Songs folder name is now Favorite Songs. Another change is that the + and Follow buttons are changed to a ♥︎.
You will be able to Follow artists and playlists by tapping that heart which will add the to Your library, but don't worry they won't be added to your Favorite Songs yet. When you open a playlist or when exploring an artisits page for songs you can tap ♥︎ again this time to save them in Favorite Songs.
Spotify has done this change to make one universal icon to add something to your library! ♥︎

Have a nice day!

That was originally the star button that you hastily got rid of!

wondering if you guys could revert this, i don't really like the idea of it being a heart and then when i heart my fav songs idk... it gets confusing asf...

I don't like it either. I much rather have the check marks and plus signs. Much more neutral than hearts. I don't want hearts all over my super aggressive playlists or anything else that isn't RnB, Lounge, etc. What a distasteful design choice.

I don't like the heart too but I think we'll get used to it.

I agree with music fan, this change was unnecessary and confusing

Just because I want to follow an artist doesn't mean I want to save music to my library.  I prefer having two separate ways to track info.

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