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Foreign language ads driving me nuts!!

Foreign language ads driving me nuts!!






Dell laptop

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 Windows 10


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For about two or more months now I've been getting indonesian ads on my spotify account and it's driving me nuts. I've unintsalled and reintalled the app. Used disk cleanup to clear things and nothing fixes it. Help!!

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Hey, DW2111


Are you using any kind of VPN? It may be that spotify thinks that you are not in Australia because of that. I always have foreign ad's when I am in a different country.


Hi nielrio,


No I'm not but thanks for the suggestion. I have searched on this forum before and looked at all of the options suggested previously, nothing works. Although for some reason for the last week it's been english ads which was amazing (even though they are ads!), now today I'm back to Indonesian again! 

Yes!!!!! I'm having the same problem! (German I think and French lol) Sorry I'm no help but it driving me nuts and I'm curious if you found a solution?

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