Foreign language symbols showing on random tracks


Foreign language symbols showing on random tracks

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Windows 7, Android 9


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 I've noticed glyphs from foreign languages showing up in the names of some tracks. See screenshot. This is happening on Windows 7 desktop client and on my Android. Is this something the album creators did? Or a Spotify issue?


EDIT: It has disappeared from most of the albums. See new screenshot taken 2 months later.


Where I've witnessed this:

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Hey @icanfathom


Song and album information (metadata) is provided by rightsholders/labels/artists that make that content available on Spotify. Sometimes song names do have some non-latin characters inside them. I can assure you it's not a Spotify glitch. 🙂


For example I know a few artists whose song names (and their own name) consists of some sort of symbols. Artists of vaporwave genre tend to use symbols too.
An example:



Hope this helps, have a nice day!

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Seriously, did you even read his post??

Do you really believe the Star Wars Soundtrack should have asian characters in the name? How can you suggest this is made on purpose!

I really wonder how you become a "Star"... 

I've had the same issue for a month btw. And on albums that didn't have those characters before.

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Me and all of my co-workers are having the same issue, trying to find a solution, its v. annoying... I always feel like the spotify *rockstars* don't read comments, and just post whatever they want because I agree, he obviously didn't read the issue...


I'm having the same issue.  I've noticed it with a lot of Disney tracks like Star Wars and Disney soundtracks.  


Might be a Disney thing?