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Frequent updates of Spotify

Frequent updates of Spotify

Hi guys, 


Can we get an official answer from Spotify why it is not possible to disable/postpone automatic updates in Spotify?


I'm getting annoyed when once or twice a week my spotify stops playing musing, dispalying message saying that it can't play current song and then, once I restart it - it plays music for few seconds and then starts updating itself without asking me if it is ok to do now or not. 


Does spotify have so many critical bugs that you force users to update it every week?


Also, the Spotify is installed in user's home folder but it for some reason required admin's rigths to start installer. I don't work as administrator, so I have to provide the password every time spotify decides to update itself.


Automatic updated are ok, but users have to have a choice to postpone it and select update schedule which is convinient for the user. 


I've seen suggestion to tweak hosts file to forbid spotify to detect updates, but that is not a solution, I hope Spotify can make it's application more friendly and allow us to install updates when we like and not when Spotify think that it is time to do so.

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Hey @Dimic,


There is no officially supported way of forcing the client to not auto-update. However, there is a work around on how to stop the updates here but this is not officially supported. 

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Thanks I'll try it out.


Btw Spotify was updated 2 times this week already. Annoying ((


If you have Windows 10, and if you have problems installing a Spotify player that keeps working, please give us the details.


By giving us the details, you will help all of us hold onto our Spotify player that actually works-- for the time that we can keep supporting Spotify . . . .


Karma being what it is-- Spotify could, if it decided-- take away all of our Spotify players that actually work . . . .

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