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Media Keys do not function when Spotify is not in Focus (App & Program)

Media Keys do not function when Spotify is not in Focus (App & Program)

This just happened Last night at some point to me...

The Media Keys on my keyboard (Razr BlackWidow 2014 Ultimate Edition) will not function when Spotify is not in focus (which is really annoying for a StarCraft Player as you can imagine) 

Now, Ive done a few hours of research on this and to this point, nothing suggested has worked. This includes: 

- Google Music Extension (Is not installed on my browser, does not show up in my extenstions)
- Disabling Windows Media Service and restarting 
- Uninstalling and Reinstalling Spotify (both the App from Store, and the Program from, alot and restarting each time)
- Uninstalling and reinstalling my keyboard's Drivers, and Razer Synapse (alot, and restarting each time

NONE of these things have fixed my issue, im very frusterated, and I am also a premium user, so I would hope that money is going to making sure the app is working smoothly on what I need it to work on (which is what its supposed to be designed to work on, i.e. a computer)

ANY help with this is appreciated because I hate Alt+Tabing in the middle of a game because "Bon Jovi isint exactly something I can fight a Zerg Rush to"

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I have the same issue ever since I installed Spotify from the Windows Store. 


Edit: rebooting seemed to have solved the issue for me.

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