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Friend activity going crazy

Friend activity going crazy




Operating System

Windows 10)


After the latest update a few days ago

Spotify Friend activity is going crazy again. It behaves the same way it did a year ago. Not showing some friends, showing what my friends played 3 days ago, even though I know that they were listening 2 hours ago.

It is really sad that you cannot trust the information you get from Spotify. I do not understand why this is occuring again!?!
Please correct the issue, thanks.

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So, this is a general message for the friends activity problem.

-remove fb account, close spotify and then relog

-reinstall app

-unfollow and follow friends

-create new account while in contact with support to transfer your playlists

-Delete host file, located here: c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts , press the host file and scroll down until you find this:, delete it and save the txt file in documents (as it wont let you save it in the folder). Delete the host file and then replace it with the editted one. (THIS SOLUTION WORKED FOR ME) 

Big thanks to the support, Alvhine H. which took the time to look into my problem and fix it  🙂


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