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Friend's activity not playing when I click on them

Friend's activity not playing when I click on them

Hello and greetings,


I love music and love to hear what other people are playing to expand my music library even more. So heres my problem. I have my friend's activity showing up, when I click on the song to listen to whats being played, it just shows a greyed out play/pause button and nothing loads. However, sometimes I click on others and it plays right away. If I do get this greyed out play button, I click on the actual song itself, go to the page and it plays. I've redownloaded spotify, restarted my computer on numerous occasions, and waited for 20 minutes to allow (if even required) everything to just be loaded, but still doesn't play right away. All of the playlists and songs can play within the U.S. so I'm not sure why its not allowing me to play them hit or miss like this. I'm also using the download of Spotify from their website, but the same issue occurs with the App on Windows 10. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated as I cannot live without music and love listening to friends and artists I follow. 


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I have the exact same issue.

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