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HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!! Black screen of death (windows 10)!!!!!!!!!!

HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!! Black screen of death (windows 10)!!!!!!!!!!

HELP!!!!!!! Since installing spotify on my laptop i keep getting the black screen of death. I've turned off hardwear accerlation and still getting it constantly. I even got it after uninstalling spotify!!!


Help!!!!!!!!!! This is making it impossible to use my computer. I CAN'T WATCH ANY SHOWS OR DO ANYTHING :((((((((((((((


5 Replies

Hey @sidsthename123!


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community. That sounds scary. Let's see if we can fix it.


First of, let's see if I get this right:

  1. You installed Spotify on your laptop
  2. Since then you've been getting 'The black screen of Death'.


Can you please tel me when this screen pops up? Is it only when you open Spotify? Is it when your computer boots?

Are you getting an error code? If so, please tell me the code.

Hello musiccornercv, I find the screen pops up initially when I log into my computer (when spotify automatically opens) -  although I've tried setting spotify to only open manually and it still does it. It does it again when I open my google chrome, and my chrome won't function at all if I have it set to maximun, I end up having to have it minimized to a smaller box/square with spotify in the background if I want the black screen of death to go away at all. It happens every time I open a new program or get a reminder (like apple asking me to update itunes) and happens again whenever I go to a new website or am trying to view videos.
Pretty much all the time. Interestingly it didn't do it yesterday when our internet was down because I don't think spotify could open? I'm not sure?

Even when I don't have spotify open though (but wifi still turned on) it does it. It also does it even when I uninstalled spotify. Prior to installing spotify a few days ago I had no issues with my computer.

I am not receiving any error codes, simply a blank black screen. As seen in attached photo. 

I'd rather just get my computer back to how it was pre-spotify (if that's possible) and just use the web browser to play music instead, however every time I try a different way to uninstall (including using revo uninstaller or ccleaner) it is still giving me the black screen. 

Thanks 🙂


Hey @sidsthename123!


I used to work as a computer technician servicing many Windows 7, 8/8.1, and 10 machines in a retail environment, and I've seen weird issues with black screens before. Don't worry though; usually these can be resolved, so let's get to work.


While, computer troublshooting isn't normally the focus of my replies, I'd be more than happy to at least help narrow down what might be causing the black screens for you.

  • Is it possible for you to share the exact model number of your laptop with me? I can see that it's a Lenovo, but I'm trying to figure out the hardware in case it's similar to any previous oddity I've dealt with in the past.
  • Also, do you know if any Windows or nVidia graphics updates have been installed recently? Asking because you say you get this black screen upon logging in, with or without Spotify set to auto-start with your computer.

Hi @kirashi, my laptop is a lenovo ideapad 510-15ISK and the model name is 80SR. My processor is an Intel Core i7. The last time my windows was updated was the 27th January - 2 days before installing spotify. It was an intel corporation display update ( I can send you a picture of my windows update history if that makes it easier. Let me know if you need any other details, thanks. I need to get this fixed asap because I need to use my laptop for work.

Or is it possible to restore to an earlier set point before spotify?

Alright, that helps a bit. I looked on Lenovo's site and see there are many models of the 510-15ISK laptop. I understand that the latest Intel HD Graphics drivers were recently installed, thank you for sharing that info. There should be a full model number on the bottom of your machine, or on the box, similar to one of those in this list: 80SR001FUS / 80SR001GUS / 80SR004QUS / 80SR002TUS


You might try disabling Fast Startup mode, since it has caused a lot of issues on certain laptops I've worked on that run Windows 8 / 10.


Fast Startup / Fast Boot make it so your system doesn't fully shut down, and therfore cannot flush drivers properly, especially during updates. Let me know if disabling Fast Startup helps after a few reboots and logins, and we'll go from there. 🙂

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