Hate the Newest Updates/Changes


Hate the Newest Updates/Changes

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I don't know where or how to best voice my concerns, but I hate the newest updates and changes Spotify has made. I know it is to "streamline" the serivce and get unpaying users to pay for the premium membership, but it's not fair and will most likely hurt Spotify in the long run. The convenient and best features of Spotify are what set it apart and made it better than other free-streaming serivces. However, after these latest updates, I'm on the hunt for a better way to listen to music because I highly doubt they will ever revert back. I'm not really seeing much of an uproar. I'd rather just purchase all the songs I want and listen through the horrible itunes app. I've always planned on getting the premium plan once I could afford it, but I definitely won't be after this, especially since now I don't want them attributing their plan of restricting features as a successful way to attract more paying customers. What a shame. 


Some of the changes I HATE:

  • "Favorites" (hearts) instead of "Saved" (checkmarks)---This is a no-brainer, not every song I want to listen to again is my "favorite"  They are usually just songs I want to remember and perhaps listen to again one day.
  • Unable to follow artists and their updates---So down goes their stream count.
  • Unable to follow friends---You have to pay now to share and help grow Spotify's business.
  • Unable to upload/play personal (local) files---Files that we have PURCHASED and OWN and have the right to listen to whenever we want, in whatever order we want. Spotify is worse than and does less than the standard, basic multimedia player now.
  • Unable to rearrange song order in playlists---I know this is a first-world problem, but not being able to do this is the most annoying thing ever and a dealbreaker for me. I can deal with the ads and other inconveniences, but it's bad enough that those of us who can't afford a monthly subscription have to listen to shuffle on mobile devices, but now it's basically like that on the desktop as well (which was probably their point in making this change). With this feature gone on the desktop verison, Spotify is basically just Pandora now. Most of my friends and family use Pandora anyways, so I'll probably go back to using it too now.

Well thanks Spotify, it was awesome while it lasted. 


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Re: Hate the Newest Updates/Changes

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Rock Star 17

Hey @discotetris16,

I‘m sorry that you feel this way.

You could suggest to change the things you mentioned here.

Ideas can be submitted here and when it gets enough likes, it maybe gets implemented in the future 🙂


Have a nice day!

LukeRock Star 17
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