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High Quality Streaming setting keeps reverting to off

High Quality Streaming setting keeps reverting to off

I keep having to switch on the High Quality Streaming setting, which is of course annoying!


I suspect the setting is being reverted whenever the Spotify client is updated.   I should not have to keep checking the setting and switching it back on.  I can't help think this bug is actually thought of as a feature by those counting the dollars at Spotify HQ. 

But seriously if you're paying for premium by default the premium features should be switched on.  By default premium features should NOT be off.  You pay for premium... you should get premium !!


Also there should be some sort of status icon to indicate the bitrate you are listening to.

4 Replies

Having the same issue, very frustrating. I tried logging out and logging back in but that didn't help. Going to uninstall reinstall see if that works. Knowing Spotify, it won't. 

disgusting greedy company. It just keeps hapenning to me too. I hope they get sued

I'm only 10 days into the 90 day trial for 99 cents. I like Spotify better than any other music streaming service. However, if they keep turning the high quality off, I may not continue the service when the 90 day trial is up.

I keep having this same problem. I personally believe that it may be linked to using the equalizer. Inside the app for the Sony Bluetooth headphones I use, if you use their equalizers, the headphones are no longer set to prioritize sound quality. Either way, it's really, really annoying.


I'm using a Pixel 2 XL. 

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