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How can I set up my keyboard hotkeys?

How can I set up my keyboard hotkeys?

Hi all,


so I tried looking around to see if anybody had the same problem but I couldn't find anything. I use Spotify everywhere... but when I listen to music in my desktop (iTunes, for example), I use my keyboard's hotkeys to go to the next song. I have a Logitech MK320 keyboard and the keys to go to the next or previous song won't work.


Is there anyway that I can set this up? I notice that other people can use this keys with their keyboards. Is it that my keyboard is not supported with Spotify? Do i need to do anything extra outside from the Spotify program?


Please help.


I found this suggestion to add global hotkeys ( does this mean that I'm not going to be able to use the keys until Spotify adds the ability to do it? if so, how is it that other people can actually use their keyboards hotkeys?




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Nevermind... all of the sudden I can now use the buttons :/.


Thanks anyways,

Did you happen to have both iTunes and spotify opened at the same time? I know iTunes takes over media key assignments when both media programs are running at the same time.

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