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Inaccurate results when searching by genre

Inaccurate results when searching by genre



I`m not sure if this has been flagged already.


It happens on both client and web players.


When searching by genre some obvious strings don`t give any results. Example genre:"Heavy Metal" even thou it is present in the genre list.


Screen 2.JPG



Contrary genre:"Industrial Metal" would give results.


Screen 1.JPG


It is not the end of the world but still, it is a little bit frustrating. Thanks!



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Hello and welcome:


You are close, try searching for Heavy Metal this way genre:"Metal" and then refine the search according to subgenres like genre:"Power Metal", genre:"Speed Metal", genre:"Thrash Metal", genre:"Death Metal", and genre:"Black Metal" so on and so forth. But you might still end up having to search by band name alone, as your probable going to be presented with top picks of any one category of music. Anyway that is how I found Heavy Metal artists by using just the word Metal in the expanded search options.

Thanks, indeed all you mentioned works but still Heavy Metal is defined as genre by Spotify itself so I guess it should get results 🙂

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