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Need help with Ports behind a firewall

Need help with Ports behind a firewall

Hi, I'm a uni student and the dorms have a firewall which is very annoying. I can log in to the desktop client but I can only play the music that is saved for offline playing.


To make a request to open ports for something, I need to send my Network Admin :



Port Protocol: Either TCP or UDP

Server IP Address / Domain Name:


Can anyone help me with this so that ALL desktop player features are activated?

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Lets see I believe it is this port 4070 and these IP ranges

As to Port protocol TCP or UDP I can not remember to be honest, I have my router set to auto detect so I never mess around with the protocols anymore. I am sure the network admin could at least adjust this for you manually if one or the other is not allowing the spotify connection through. I mean it is just a music streaming service and he/she probable already knows based on the traffic. Hopefully the admin can be flexible and switch these around if there are any problems for you quickly?

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