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How do I reset personalization?

How do I reset personalization?

I've created a playlist of tunes that I like to hear...probably about half of them I brought over from my Pandora "likes".  The more I personalized Spotify radio (I primarily listen to the "alternative" radio station), the more it just plays the same stuff over and over.  Then I go back to Pandora where I've deleted all my likes and am getting fresh(er) stuff.  Without killing my Spotify playlist, how can I remove all the likes and personalization and possibly get something I've not heard before?  I'm really not interested or have time to root through scores of playlists.



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I'm not sure if this will reset the personalization of your Spotify radio, but you can delete all your stations by hovering your cursor over them and hitting the X that appears in the top right corner. That might work?


What you could also do is drag and drop all the songs included in your "Liked from Radio" playlist into a new one, and then delete them all in the original playlist. That might work, too.

Thanks for the note.  Unfortunately, I use the standard Alternative radio station and haven't created my own.  Last week I did delete everything from the "Like From Radio" playlist.  They all ended up in "Songs" so I'm not sure if I need to make another mass change.  That said, even after both those changes and today adding in the thingy, I still haven't heard a song I haven't already heard before and it's been playing for ~3 hours.  


I'll try moving everything from "Songs" to another playlist.  I don't have high expectations for that!  Thanks, though.


Unfortunately if you are using one of the in-build stations I don't think you can "reset" it. As mentioned above the only way to make it completely forget radio preferences appears to be by deleting the station (when possible).

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