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How do you make a recplament song available when spotify does not recognize the song

How do you make a recplament song available when spotify does not recognize the song

Hello Everyone,


Issue: in Subject
Ill try to explain it as easy as possible.


I have a lot of playlists and i want to make them available for everyone.

Yes i am aware that Spotify replaces the local songs if it is able to find the same song  (if metadata is correct) in the spotify database.

Yet a lot of my local files are not shared, even when the metadata is correct.




Some songs show "Go to Replacement"

Which tells us .... that the replacement can be found and there for other people are able to listen to the song.

Simple we all understand this. the question above is almost anwsered.




But now the problem:


A lot of my local songs can be fiound in spotify in the search option  (so we are certain that spotify has this song in it's database)

And yes these are other results then my local songs


But when u press the right button on my local song to show the menu above.

It does not give an option to see the replacement.














If i check the metadate with idtag software it is all correct.
Well oke, who knows maybe there is still something not right.

I deleted the song

INsterted the cd and made a new rip added it to spotify and tried again.

Problem is still there. check the IDtag, all in good order.


What do we (or i) need to do to make this working?
I checked the forum, search on google, nothing that has a solution.
And yes i did reinstall spotify, twice.


Thanks for you help.



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