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How to Edit Playlist

How to Edit Playlist


I would like to edit my playlist. How do I do it? i.e. Add and remove artists - songs. I can access Spotify from Windows - Mac - Ios so I would be happy to edit my playlist from any environment.



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Hi, and welcome to the community!


On desktop:

You can click on a song/ctrl+click for multiple songs, and press delete to delete them. Or ctrl+c to copy them so you can paste them in another playlist. Alternatively you can drag and drop songs into a playlist to add them.

You can sort by clicking on the tabs above the song list. Or you can drag and drop songs manually to sort them.


On mobile:

It is not currently possible to reorder songs or sort them.

You can delete them by pressing Edit in the top right, and pressing the - twice on the left of the songs you want to delete.

You can add songs by selecting the ... on the right of each song name you search for, and pressing add to playlist then selecting the playlist you want to add them to.


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how do i remove songs from playlists on a mac? have several playlists that have edited versions of songs that i do not want. I cant figure out how to remove them on my mac. i can on a pc but it's driving me crazy with my mac!

Can you not highlight them and press the delete key, or use the delete/remove option in the right click menu?

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When I highlight a song in a playlist and hit delete, the page moves to the last playlist I was looking at. So basically it's like a back button action. I can't figure out how to delete a song. It's really not intuitive. C'mon Spotify!! HELP!! I put a whole album on a playlist by accident and have songs I need to get rid of. Thanks.

I would like to put a cover to a playlist. How can I do it?

On my old Spotify account I am able to edit the name, description and cover picture of my playlists but on my new account I can't access any of these features? Why is this? Please fix it!

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