How to drag playlist over to excel and get [playlist name + playlist creator name] as output?

How to drag playlist over to excel and get [playlist name + playlist creator name] as output?








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Windows 10


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Previously, when I dragged a playlist over to a cell in excel, it would result in the the following text: "[Playlist Name] - [playlist creator]" with a hyperlink to the playlist URL, but currently when I drag a playlist over to excel, it only drags over "[playlist name]" with a hyperlink to the playlist URL.


Do anyone know if there is some method of getting both the playlist name and playlist creator when dragging over the playlist to the cell? It saves a lot of time when archiving a large amount of playlists (especially when the playlist creator name has uncommon characters not readily accessible to my keyboard).


I know it's possible to copy a link to the playlist profile by copying the profile URL or URI, but that takes up a lot of space and is also more time consuming...

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Hi there @Arikabeth,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Currently there is no official way to store playlists in a readable text file. You can select all Ctrl+A and copy the tracks from a playlist, and if you paste those in an excel table you'd get the full list of Spotify links to the songs but you won't be able to see Artist - Song name. 


There are some third-party software, which other users have used for this. You can check them out in this Thread. Note that since it's not official Spotify Software, we can't guarantee that it will work.


Hope you find this info useful.

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Hey, thanks for trying to help. I wasn't trying to obtain the names of the tracks themself or the artists of the tracks in the playlist like in that thread, but rather trying to get the "name of playlist" + "name of creator of playlist" extracted. That and

some of the software mentioned in the thread seem to be no longer maintained.

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