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How to get to storage on my computer to get to music i downloaded?

How to get to storage on my computer to get to music i downloaded?

Hello All,

I can see where all the music I downloaded on spotify is but when I goto the location the one part of the link I can't get to can anyone help me? Thanks Kevin


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Let me take a short glimpse into my crystal ball.................


Nope, It won't tell me what special "part of the link" you cannot access,

maybe it's still busy guessing the right numbers of the next lottery.

In this case we have to go the common way. Let's start with the part where you are telling us how this special part looks like.

here is what I am talking about: Offline Song Storage

C:\users\daddy's laptop\AppData\local\Spotify\storage.


I can access all the way up to daddy's Laptop on my c: drive but the AppData is not in the Daddy's Laptop area


Ahhhh. AppData is a hidden folder. You ll have to make em visible in Windows folder settings or just type \AppData and press Enter behind daddys laptop at the address bar of windows explorer to gain access to the secret AppData place of MS Windows 😉


Ok I got in but now I have a another problem how do I find a certain album that I downloaded. For Example I have David Crowder I need to find the folder to look for a certain album that I downloaded/


From this point on I am not able to help, 'cause I only have Spotify Unlimited and am not allowed to download someting.

I assume you wouldn't find it. These files there are encrypted so only Spotify can read them to prevent piracy. If Spotify couldn't proof to the music labels that they are able to protect their music against piracy, they wouldn't give the permission to stream the music.

ok i understand. I will just have to go out and get the cd album so that I can download to my music library. Thank you for all of your help. u rock!!! ;0)

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