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"About" feature missing from Artist pages

"About" feature missing from Artist pages

I can no longer find the "About" feature on any artist page. It usually appeared next to the "Related Artists" tab and contained information about number of monthly listeners, where listeners were from and, most importantly, playlists that the artist appears in.


Is this just a problem for me or are others also unable to see this tab?

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Yes I've got this issue as well! 😞


Hopefully it gets resolved because the About tab was a great feature.

cant find that tab anymore either any update on this from Spotify?

No doubt the removal of yet another feature with no apparent explaination...

Same here

The weird thing is that the About tab sometimes appears when I'm looking at different artists, even those were the About tab wasn't present 30 minutes earlier... so maybe (hopefully) it's just a bug?

yeah I think it's just a bug

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