How to manage my Local Files


How to manage my Local Files

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I don´t like that Spotify has automatically copied all my local files to the Spotify / my library !! 

( I didn’t use Spotify for quite a while and with opening it started to copy everything)

I found out now that I can enable this by changing the switch, but everything that is already in my library doesn´t go away. I tried it by deleting Spotify from my computer but  with re-installing and logging in, it was all still there..

So I want to know how I can delete this all, since it should be my choice what is in my library !!

Thank you !

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Hey @evirock7,


Can you just double check for me that you've disabled adding for all your local file locations that you may have added in settings?


Monosnap 2017-09-30 23-23-03.png

If that doesn't work, would you mind doing a full clean reinstall for me? This article will show you how.


Let me know if you find anything 🙂