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How to manually organise Spotify playlists

How to manually organise Spotify playlists

My current issue is that I am trying to organise my playlists into genres i.e. hip-hop, pop etc, but  I don't want to drag  my playlists one by one. I had the clever idea that I could export my playlists, edit it the way I wanted then import it back, sadly, Spotify has no such function or I haven't found it. For those savvy with their OS, does anyone know which text file holds the playlist settings/order, would like to back it up then edit it to my liking.

If that's not possible, is there another way I can accomplish what I am trying to do, which possibly doesn't go against Spotify's regulations?

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Since playlist order is synced across your devices, I would imagine the order is actually stored server side (so not client side editable).

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You could be correct, not sure, didn't think of that. What I thought was that the file is saved locally then sent to the server which would sync to the devices. This is assuming desktop has main priority, if it doesn't work that way then I am stuck,  it is tedious work having to drag each playlist then scrolling all the way to the top to make a new empty playlist that would act as a category :'(


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